How to Fix a Black Screen on Your PC

Every third laptop owner is faced with the problem of a “black screen” at startup. There may be a lot of reasons that cause the problem, but before contacting a computer equipment repair service, we recommend that you perform the diagnostics yourself. We will talk about this below.

Black screen on notebook

Reasons for the malfunction

The reasons why the laptop screen does not work can be divided into several groups:

  1. Damage to the south or north bridge of the motherboard due to mechanical interference or overheating of the device.
  2. Problems with the central processor or graphics card.
  3. Open loop, laptop matrix or backlight.
  4. RAM failed or dropped out of the slot.
  5. Faults in the computer hardware settings.
  6. The battery has stopped working.
  7. In the first three cases, repair or replacement of parts is necessary.

The malfunctions described in the remaining paragraphs can be attempted to be eliminated independently.

Advice! If the laptop turns off after a long time and does not show signs of life, it is likely that it has overheated. Check that nothing obstructs the air outlet, clean it from dust, and then turn it on.

Troubleshooting black screen

Important! Determine if the laptop starts up when the power button is turned on (you hear the noise of coolers, a hard drive, or if the LED indicator lights up). Your further actions depend on this.

Battery check

If the laptop shows signs of life when turned on:

  1. Connect the power cable to the laptop, check if there is voltage (see the laptop charge indicator).
  2. There is an indication, but the laptop does not turn on – disconnect the charger from the laptop.
  3. Remove the battery as shown.
  4. Clean clogged contacts.
  5. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to leave the remaining charge from the motherboard and accessories of the laptop.
  6. Connect the charger and turn on the device, check the screen. If it works, put the battery in and check the operation again. Does the laptop not turn on? We recommend replacing the battery.

The laptop comes to life at startup and there is a personal computer screen or a TV with HDMI output at hand – check the laptop’s operation, maybe the malfunction is really in the laptop:

  1. Connect a monitor via VGA or HDMI outputs.
  2. Start the laptop and follow the process.
  3. If the BIOS and Windows boot was successful, there is a problem with the screen or its connection (the cable may have departed).

Advice! The cause of the problem may be unstable operation of Windows. If so, roll back the system to the previous restore point or search for and resolve errors through the command line. Register a command sfc / scannow.

BIOS settings

Notebook users who encounter a black screen problem have been helped by a way to reset the BIOS to default settings. If the computer shows signs of life (coolers are working), connect it to the monitor or do the procedure blindly:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. After turning on, press the F10 key (BIOS entry) for 10 seconds.
  3. A menu will open, wait and press F9.
  4. Press Enter (rollback to initial settings).
  5. Press F10 (exit BIOS).
  6. Press Enter to save the changes, exit and restart the computer.

Important! If the previous methods were unsuccessful or your device does not show signs of life, try another option, which is listed below.

Checking RAM

There is a possibility that the motherboard ceased to recognize random access memory (OP):

  1. Turn off the laptop and remove the charger, turn over, unscrew the screws.
  2. Open the back cover.
  3. Carefully slide the latches in different directions to remove the RAM.
  4. Take out the OP strips and strip the contacts with an eraser.
  5. Swap the connector (if several) or interchange the op.
  6. Insert the OP backward at an angle of 45% and gently push on top. The latches will do all the work themselves.
  7. Check the connection of other devices (hard disk or SSD bracket).
  8. Close the lid, connect the device to the network and check its operation.

If the article’s tips did not help you, we recommend that you contact a service center. Most likely the fault is in the hardware.

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